Welcome to the SCALE partners' site

"The most effective way to do it is to do it." - Amelia Earhart

The purpose of this website is to facilitate the different activities that must be carried out by the partners of the SCALE project, centralizing all the information and resources necessary for the coordination and development of the different tasks of the different working groups. Therefore, this website is not designed to disseminate the different results and events organized within the framework of the aforementioned project.

In the different sections you can find information for access to shared space in the cloud enabled for this purpose; information related to venues for face-to-face meetings, agendas and logistical information; photos and images of meetings and events that are held for possible future use; and anything else that is foreseen. Therefore, any suggestion and improvement of this website will be welcome.

Project Partners

UVa FHM Premium Research ISN FH Joanneum WUSMED Energie Impuls OWL

Project Stakeholders

Cities Urb-Atelier Blue Room Innovation